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lives today. so i want us to experience it with that kind of respect, and that kind of reverence. so i really appreciate your cooperation. like i said, i couldn't be more proud of all of you. so with that, i want to introduce you to the united states attorney, who is melinda haig, who is going to say some words to you. thank you. [ applause ] >> wow. you guys really are happy to be out of school. so nice to see all of you, as richard said, good morning everyone. as richard said my name is melinda haigh, the united states attorney for the northern district of border to monterey and our office is just a couple of blocks away in san francisco. [ applause ] so we love it here. many of you probably don't know
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what the united states attorney is or what they do or anything like that, but i was nominated by president obama to be the united states attorney here two years ago. yes, my boss. [ applause ] and i'm honored to represent him, the president, the administration and the department of justice in northern california and in san francisco and in that capacity to welcome you here today to see this movie screening. there are 800 san francisco public high school students here today. so thank you for being here. [ applause ] it's really amazing. really amazing. there are 2400 of your classmates sitting in movie theaters around this city as we speak, all of you are watching the film this morning together. so we really appreciate it. we laid down a challenge to
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oakland. oakland has now pledged to screen the film between now and october 4th and we heard from san mateo county is now pledging to show the film to kids in san mateo county. so you really started a movement in the bay area and we appreciate you being here today to see this very special film. as the united states attorney here i meet with community groups and leaders all over the bay area, all over northern california, as i said from the oregon border to monterey. certainly with in the wake of the shootings in wisconsin. i meet with arab museum people and lgbt organizations and we talk about all kinds of issues. we talk about fraud. we talk about identity theft.
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we talk about hate-crimes. we talk about civil rights issues. but the one thing that absolutely everybody talks about, the one thing that they care the most about, the one thing that seems to cause the most worry and the most concern and the most pain for everybody, anybody, in northern california and in the bay area is the issue of bullying. it's a heartbreaking thing. levels of bullying in our community, children doing it to other children is just all too common. it's completely heartbreaking. it's heartbreaking to children. it's heartbreaking to their parents and their families and it's heartbreaking to their teachers. it's heartbreaking to everybody. it's the one thing that has come up in almost every conversation i have had with people and that is what leds us here today to spread the word to spread the message and to bring people on board with anti-bullying. and that is what you are part
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of here today. so we really do appreciate you coming. what we're starting here today, as richard said, is with a screening of a documentary film called "bully." by the director lee hirsch, who is here with us today of we're very, very grateful. yes, absolutely. [ applause ] urban you are going to be hearing from mr. hirsh after the film and couldn't be more grateful for him bringing voice to this issue. we really appreciate it and again, a round of applause for mr. hirsch and what he has done. [ applause ] as richard said it's fun to be out of school and i have two children in the bay area and i know how they would react being
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out of school. this film is very powerful, but it's very important and has an unbelievably important message. after the film, there is going to be a brief discussion with abc news anchor cheryl jennings, when i'm sure you recognize from television. [ applause ] with mr. hirsch and commander from the san francisco police department and your own superintendent of schools, richard carranza. and now i would like to welcome the mayor of city and county of san francisco. [ applause ] our very popular mayor of the city and county of san francisco, ed lee. [ applause ] absolutely as you know mayor lee has dedicated his entire professional life to public
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service and civil rights. before serving as our mayor he had important roles in city of government and served as the executive director of the san francisco human rights commission and he worked as an attorney for the asian law caucasus which is a very important organization in the bay area. throughout his career, his entire career, mayor lee has demonstrated an unwaivering commitment to the people of this great city and to our community. and he honors us with his presence here today. ladies and gentlemen, mayor ed lee. [ applause ] >> hello everybody ! >> hello. ?2
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richard carranza and mr. hirsch, but the no. 1 thing we care about you, we care about and your future and where you are going. when you get out of school being san franciscoans we'll have the best jobs in the world waiting for you. everyone one of you, how about that for san francisco? [ applause ] all right. well, let me start out by saying we're here in herbs theater. you have to know this is a special place. this is an historic landmark events place in san francisco. in 1945 the united nations charter was signed right here where you are sitting. it's the site where mayors like myself and others have addressed the annual state of the city address and it's a landmark place and that is why we choose to be here today with
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you. because we're making a big landmark to be antibullying across the country and we're launching it right here in san francisco with all of you. that is how important this is. and it's important also that the city family come together. we have quite a number of great starts stars that i have been very fortunate to work us. our police department, our fire department and theresa sparks our director of human rights commission is here. ed harrington our public utilities commissioner manager and our tax collector, jose who has been helping us set up bank accounts for all of our elementary kids as they join here, so financial literacy can be part of your great success. i have got the medical examiner, dr. hart is here. i have got adrian pond, who helps me direct all the
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immigrant programs and civic engagement is here to join us. i have my own educational advisor who works with me. and maria, who helps me coordinate and design all of the youth programs. us. i know i am probably going to miss a few, but i wanted to name as many as i could remember to let you know the whole city family is with you today. look, you know, bullying, 13 million kids across this country reported being a victim and being harassed in this country. 13 million kids, your age, younger than you as well. you know, there were 3 million kids across this country that
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left school, that decided they are not go going back because they didn't know how to figure out how to not become a victim. they couldn't seek help. this crisis happening across this country has to stop an we need your help in doing that. in the bay area, every county in the bay area has reported increases in bullying and harassment of kids. in san francisco, in last two years, 44% of our kids have reported harassment in their schools. so that is why we're here today and we're here also not just to understand how this is affecting us. how it's making kids and families not want to go to school. it's stunting the emotional growth of our kids. it's leading to a bad epidemic
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and that is why the u.s. attorney is here to signal she will work really hard with us to make this a national effort to stop it and i'm so thankful for lee hirsch and his sacrifice to take a look at five families across this country and document their lives and what they have been trying to do and to express the impact it has on us. because we're being called to action. we're being called to do something about this epidemic. and i know you san franciscans, i don't care how young you are. i don't care what age or what grade you are. the best thing i know about san francisco, no matter where you come from is that we appreciate each other, where we come from. we appreciate your diversity. our diversity is our strength. the more different we are in backgrounds that makes san francisco fantastic. you know that and i know that. that is why we love our city. that is why we want to ?qp here and live here and raise our families here as
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because this diversity is our strength. don't let anybody bully you. don't allow them to say your differences are weaknesses. we all talk about the need to diversify the leadership in our country and i want you to know that. there are some good examples and i want to single out rooftop element school k-8 has the bully ambassador program where every week some 50 students meet together and talk about on the campus what they can do to stop bullying. how they can teach other kids how to stop it. how they can help victims and people who feel that they are on the edge. not only in the classroom, but in the playgrounds, and even off the campuses.
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they are taking action. we're going to have more of these ideas to work with you, but today we're part of a 1-million kid launch all across the country. we're getting a million kids involved in that and you are part of that first effort. you are seeing this film and there are 122 other cities across the country that are seeing it on launch date today. it will touch 127,000 kids and have 7500 teachers involved for the 1-million kid initiative. you are part of the 800 kids in san francisco that are going to help us start a great effort to stop bullying. so i want to give a shout out today to many of you who are proud of the schools you are in. let me begin. francisco middle school, they are in the house! marina middle school, thank you for being here. george washington high school,
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thank you for being here! roosevelt middle school, where is roosevelt? balboa high school, yeah! civic center secondary school. wallingburg high school! thank you everybody for being here. i know you are going to help us. and guess what? you are too legit to quit. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> how about a round of applause for our mayor? [ applause ] talk about two legit to quit. so let's get real. let's get ready to watch this movie. we're glad that you are here. let me tell you a little bit about this documentary.
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it's a documentary about a number of children in schools throughout our country. and you know, we see a lot of things on tv a lot of fake reality shows, you have all seen them, where people are paid to be angry or they are paid to fight or paid to say really hateful things to one another. this film is not one of those. this is real. the students featured in the film are actual students, just like you and they are targets of verbal and even physical harassment. in some cases it might be uncomfortable and other cases it might be painful to watch what we're about to watch. in some cases bullying leads to tragic consequences. so this is what we're going to ask of you today, ladies and gentlemen, i want you to remember and think about your fellow audience members. because i y when you watch something that is uncomfortable. sometimes you might laugh or you might shout inappropriate
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things. i would like to ask that you be respectful to the rest of us who are watching this movie with you. we will have some time to discuss it when we return to our school sites, but more importantly we hope that by seeing this movie together, we're going to dedicate ourselves to ending bullying in our classrooms, in our hallways, in our lunchrooms and in our school yards. and as hard as it is to watch this film, i think we can learn a lot from this as well. there is a reason why the t-shirts that many of you received today have a big slash through the word "bullying." because we're committing ourselves today to being anti-bullying. we're not going to participate in it or let others do it. as i watched this movie a few short weeks ago, i think back time in my life when i was
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bullied. as you can tell i'm not the tallest guy in the world or the thinnest guy in the world, but that is not the worst part that i remembered. do you know what the worst part that i remember? times that i probably bullied other kids and said things to other people that might have been very hurtful. so i'm committing and i'm asking you to commit to be no to bullying. whether you participate in it or you are the victim of it, we're against bullying and that is why you are here. you have heard from a lot of us and i think it's only fiting that you get to hear from the creator and director of the movie lee hirsch and i want you to know folks all across the country, people are watching the film, but there is only one group of the students in the united states that is going to director/producer of the film and that is all of you. [ applause ]
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so would you please welcome with a big round of applaud, the director, the producer, the creator, lee hirsch. [ applause ] . >> thank you, thank you superintendent carranza. it's so awesome to see all of you guys. you are like the most beautiful audience i could g: in the whole world. straight up, give yourselves a hand. [ applause ] i am going to try to say a couple of things that i hope will be helpful for the viewing of the film. i do want to thank mayor lee, your being here sends a very important message. thank you so much for doing that and taking the time to establish that bullying matters and that this issue matters. when we show up, it says something; right? when the issue shows up it says
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something. the fact that you guys are here, that you are here out of school for this event, that really says something. so for everyone that made that choice, all of the folks from the schools, there is a gentleman named kevin who actually got all of you out the school, who made all of the logistics work. i want to thank u.s. attorney melinda haigh. i want to thank our moderator cheryl jennings and assistant u.s. attorney anne marie conroy who worked really hard to pull this event together. things like this just don't fall out of the air. i want to thank mayor lee for coming up with "too legit to quit," when i haven't heard in 20 years. right in right in [ laughter v7 on the money. look, here is the thing, i made this movie because i spent all
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of my elementary and middle school years being a punching bag. my parents were like 20 years older than other kids' parents and my parents were always four inches too high and my hair was parted to the side when all the other kids' hair was way cooler. my father and mother were older and they couldn't connect to the things that i was going through. they weren't bad parents, but when i was getting beat up and didn't know what to do, i tried to talk to my dad, who fought in world war ii said toughen up and don't be such a pussy is basically what he said to me. and then it sounds funny, but when you are the kid dealing with that and you feel you don't have anywhere to turn. it's really, really hard and what happens is the take away is that i couldn't tell anyone anymore what was happening. i didn't feel like what i was
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experiencing had value. i didn't think that anyone would care about the fact that my arms weren't black-and-bluefrom punches. they were yellow from here to here and it never went away. so i think we are -- you are, everybody in this room has an extraordinary opportunity to be at the forefront of changing how this whole country, how we deal with this issue. if you think about it, some of you might be going well, i don't get bullied. or maybe sometimes i get involved and is it really such a big deal? in our lives, unless we come from a home where you are getting -- where you are the victim of domestic abuse, it's where all of you, all of us meet violence for the first time. right? verbal, mental, physical, really cruel stuff and we have to stand in the face of it and choose who we're going to be,
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i hope that !k%( anything, it inspires you and connects you to the idea of how powerful you can be to break that cycle of violence. each and every time you see it. and afterwards we're going to talk about some strategies and ways u there is not one perfect answer. you might try something and it could backfire and how do you restrategize? what i will say as clever and smart as you think bullies might be, you guys will outsmart them any day. any day, right? [ applause ] so you have to own that. it's not just the students. the adults, your teachers, your administrators, have to be in it with you. you are just as responsible if not more. you have to stand by them
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side-by-side, so when had he come to you, they have that faith in you that you are going to deliver. that you will have their backs. when you say you are going to help take care of something, that you are going to follow through. you will see that mirrored in the film. just to close, because i want to get the movie started. you know, this for me, honestly, having come from that kid that used to get picked on and bullied and didn't have a lot of self-esteem, to come here today, to see the buses pulling up in front of the theater, to see the mayor, all of these wonderful dignitaries and to see all of you guys is just a dream come true. and i am so excited about what the spark out of tonight can really be or today, this morning, right? [ applause ] want to say that if there are people in this room and i
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guarantee you there are, that you felt you have been bullied, you are being bullied right now, you are struggling with issues, i just want you to know that i made this film for you, okay? [ applause ] this movie is for you. guys, lastly, as you feel the movie, there are places to laugh. i think there are places to cheer towards the end. but do be respectful of the kids in the film and what they are going through. and then within that, just if you can agree to do that, then have a great time watching it and let all of your emotions roar. thank you so much. [ applause ]
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